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17 July 2009 @ 03:39 am
Title: All You Can't Leave Behind
Show: Gossip Girl
Pairing: Blair/Chuck/Nate/Serena (NJBC)
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Friendship
Rating: T
Summary: It all started on a stretch of endless road.
Author's Note: Finally un-lazying myself and typing up all my shit from my spiral notebook.

All You Can’t Leave Behind



Summary: The beginning of the end was near. They would each fall into the black.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl. If I did, there would be NJBC awesomeness every single damn week. If only…

AN: Well, this is something I’ve had written down in a spiral notebook for a while. Sorry if it’s extremely lame, but it’s one of those things I wrote in an hour at four in the morning with the light off.


The summer of 2009 was meant to be the end of the beginning. After those fateful three months, they would all go and live their own lives. They were separating that letting go of everything that was once important to them.

The summer of 2009 ended up being something far different. It was the beginning of the end.


Their fingers were woven through each others in a perfect order. The two dark-haired ones on the left, mysterious and calculating, and the two blondes on the right, liberated and enchanting.

The four best friends had always been an effortless balance. As children, they were drawn together by some magical force. They had grown older and become fools in love; their hearts traveled until they found the person who willingly gave them theirs in exchange. They changed and became distinct puzzle pieces, difficult to find another to fit properly.

Although at times it seemed as if the good times were over and the puzzle was no longer complete, the stubborn magical force brought them together once more and demanded that they fit.

So, for the most part, they fit well.

The winds of change would sweep them off their feet once more and the puzzle pieces would scatter.

The puzzle would be incomplete.


As every summer went, they retreated to the Hamptons. They were a routine and anyone on the outside would believe they were a bore, but truthfully, nothing excited the four friends more than tradition. Their friendship had always been a routine. It worked beautifully that way.

They had always been friends first and lovers second, but the heart wants what the heart wants. The two dark beings of the group had captured each other’s hearts, and had stirred up something beautifully tragic. They were both identical, like everlasting flames. All they were able to create was a fire. They were dangerous.

The other two, the liberated ones, were once in denial. They boy was trapped and convinced that he belonged with a girl he never really knew; she was dark and everything that he misunderstood. So the enchanting blonde came between them, knowing that they would never be destined for each other.

But the two bright beings would never have their chance. They were a simplistic match, something that clicked from the beginning. But under the circumstances, they would never be.


In their eyes, summer lasted forever. Time stopped for the four friends. They breathed in the calm air and took in their last moments of simplicity together.

They were family. Not connected by blood of course, but chosen to be a part of their makeshift family. They did not understand how one could survive alone in the world. The world was a prison without magic. Their friendship contained all the magic that sustained them. They weren’t meant to fall apart.

No one but the four friends understood what happened that summer. No one recognized how something so magical evaporated into the dark skies. No one saw the end coming.

It ended on a stretch of endless road; no one else was around to witness the tragedy unfold. There were only four friends packed in a red Ferrari, heading for elsewhere.

The dark beings had kicked and screamed their way into the car; they had fought over something so miniscule that neither would remember what the fight was about the next morning.

And so it was silent in the car for a while. Only the wind made a sound, brushing through the girls’ hair.

What was silent soon escalated into screaming once more. The brunette began to take back her feelings, her love, her heart from the boy who attempted to appease her. The other two began to join in, attempting to soften the fall that was obviously coming, but they too began to yell about things that they didn’t understand.

They did not see the bright light engulfing them, or hear the loud horn urging them away. They did not recognize that they were not alone in the world.

They heard the loud crunch, felt the shard of glass, and inhaled the smoke, the poison spreading into their lungs. They each invited the black, one by one, and it was silent once again.



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